Why Sign Up To Our Boiler Maintenance Contract?

When your boiler breaks down, it can seriously frustrate and leave you shivering in a cold house without hot water for washing in or warming up the radiators. These issues can be especially problematic during the winter, this is why boiler maintenance is so essential.

When it comes to boiler breakdowns, spotting the warning signs early is vital. When a boiler is serviced annually, warning signs of potentially serious issues further down the line can be flagged up early – and this is where taking out a boiler maintenance contract can prove especially useful.

What Does Our Boiler Maintenance Contract Cover?

At Surab, we employ highly qualified heating engineers who, for boilers of most makes and models, can carry out annual servicing to check that the boiler remains in full working order.

With each annual boiler service, we will inspect the boiler and its controls for safety, watch out for corrosion and leaks and check how the appliance’s main components are functioning. We will also aim to fix any boiler faults we uncover as a result of the service.

For heating, plumbing or boiler-related issues, the contract’s competitive price also covers one call-out for a gas boiler or two call-outs for an oil model. If you run into the worst-case scenario of a boiler breakdown, we will prioritise you over non-contract customers which is especially beneficial in the winter months.

Worcester Bosch boiler

The Importance of Maintaining Your Boiler

Our contract services are available for a wide range of boilers, this includes those that may have not been originally fitted by our engineers. In servicing your boiler we can reduce the risk of an early breakdown or even dangerous problems such as leaking flues. Especially worrying is the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide gas is toxic, but also, alarmingly, odourless, colourless and tasteless. The service will ensure that the boiler combusts fuel safely and efficiently, therefore minimising the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Even if your boiler was originally fitted efficiently, particularly old boilers can be prone to damage, such as that resulting from black sludge – iron oxide fillings – accumulating in your heating system. If your boiler has issues like this, our engineers will detect them when servicing.

If any manufacturer’s warranties apply to that boiler, having it annually serviced will also keep these policies valid and in place. Also keep in mind that, while a boiler breakdown is simply inconvenient for many people, it can seriously affect the health and wellbeing of the elderly, vulnerable or young in winter.

Speak To Our Boiler Specialists

If you are interested in taking out a boiler maintenance contract with ourselves, please call us on 01844 274 604 or fill out an enquiry form.