5 Tips For Keeping Your House Warm This Winter

We’re entering the colder and wetter months, and you know what that means: we’ll all be spending more time enjoying the toasty indoors. Or is your home toasty at all? It can be easy for your abode to feel a little chilly at this time of year, as well as to overlook the many, often straightforward ways to remedy this.

So, here at Surab, we have compiled 5 top tips for how you can keep your own home warm during the winter season.

Get Your Boiler Serviced

Yes, you might expect us to mention boiler servicing – but it’s the very supposed ‘obviousness’ of this step that can also be to blame for it being forgotten by so many homeowners.

The fact is that your boiler needs to be looked after like a human being does if you are to ensure it remains in good health. So, get yours checked every year by a Gas Safe or OFTEC registered engineer like one of our own professionals.

Use Thick, Insulating Curtains

It’s a deceptively simple tip, but it really is true that thicker curtains could be instrumental in reducing the amount of heat that is lost through your home’s windows.

Dedicated thermal-lined curtains are available for this purpose, although even merely lined curtains could have some effect in keeping the cold out.

Make Use of Insulation Tape

This is one of the cheapest methods of improving the insulation within your household, simply stock up on insulation tape and fill in the gaps around doors/windows. You’ll be surprised as to just how much of an impact this can have, especially if your home has a draught, insulation tape acts as a quick cost-effective solution.

It’s important to ensure that the tape is tightly fastened to the spots that are losing heat within your home.

Install Double Glazing

As we touched on above, the windows are a major part of your home where heat can escape. It, therefore, makes sense to pay special attention to this area when seeking to make your abode warmer this winter.

Although having pretty much any kind of double glazing installed at your property could be effective for keeping more of your home’s heat inside, there are further steps you may be tempted to make to maximise the results you get.

These include, as the Energy Saving Trust suggests, ensuring the glass is of the low emissivity (Low-E) sort.

Place Tin Foil Behind Your Radiators

It might sound like a weird one, but think about it: the whole reason you have radiators in your property is supposed to heat your home, rather than the walls.

So, something as simple as covering a thin sheet of card with tin foil and placing it behind your radiators could enable you to reflect more heat back into the rooms where the radiators are present, thereby allowing those rooms to heat up faster and retain heat better. This is arguably the most cost-effective solutions for improving the circulation of heat within your home.

Speak To Our Experts

There you have it – 5 proven methods to a warmer abode this winter. Please contact us today to learn more about our services that will help to make this even easier for you to achieve.