5 Common Winter Boiler Problems You Need Fixing!

We have a habit of being lured into a false sense of security by the summer months, leaving essential boiler maintenance until we’re really feeling the cold. There are five common problems that require immediate attention if your home is to stay warm and inviting during the festive season and into the New Year, and a well-maintained boiler not only keeps you warm but saves you money.

If you’re feeling the cold, it’s always worth securing the help of one of our professional boiler engineers if you can’t find a solution yourself, but first, have a look at our winter checklist to see if you can identify any of these common faults.

It’s Too Cold!

There are a number of causes for this problem, from frozen pipes to limescale, but perhaps the most common is an inaccurate thermostat. As a highly sensitive piece of equipment, it can only take a slight knock to throw the thermostat out of whack. It needs to be placed with a high degree of accuracy, and over time its delicate electronic components can wear out. If you have the heating up full but your house is still cold then a dodgy thermostat could be the main suspect.

My Boiler Is Frozen!

This can happen with the new type of ‘condensation boiler’ that has a pipe at the back that funnels condensation away from the unit. Because it’s filled with water it can freeze during winter, causing the whole boiler to stall. You can defrost this yourself using some warm (not boiling!) water. Simply pour it over the length of the pipe until it has thawed.

My Boiler Is Making Strange Noises

The clunking and clanging that can keep you awake at night are caused by a build-up of air in the system. Leaking pipes can draw in air, and the same problem can be caused by low pressure. This is something you’ll need to call one of our engineers to resolve.

Pilot Light Is Out

This can represent a significant problem and require you to call an expert right away. Pilot lights can go out when there is a build-up of gas, as a preventative measure against an explosion, and if you smell gas you should contact us immediately.

Presence of Limescale

Another source of strange noises can be limescale, which builds up within your heating system in the same way it builds up in a kettle. Limescale can significantly reduce the efficiency of your boiler and puts stress on the system. If this is the case you need to have it professionally removed using a specialist cleaning product.

Speak To Our Experts

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