What Does Oil Boiler Servicing Involve?

Our extensive and highly professional oil boiler servicing Aylesbury at Surab Limited involves many benefits for you as a customer, with the most important being your own health and comfort. To ensure that people throughout the Aylesbury area continue to enjoy their home this winter, we are here to provide you with continued warmth and a sanctuary from the cold outside.

Many people who own oil boilers may not understand the importance of having them serviced by a fully trained professional, possibly seeing it as an unneeded extra which will cost money at a time when we need to buy presents, other necessities and to prepare for the New Year. However, an un-serviced oil boiler has the capacity to ruin much more than just your Christmas and the beginning of the new year. Below is a quick run-down of what oil boiler servicing involves and what you will gain from it:

Significantly Minimising the Chance of a Full Breakdown

This is quite an obvious benefit of oil boiler servicing and it is also one of the most important. A complete breakdown will leave you with no heating for an extended period of time and cost a much larger amount to get it repaired or in some cases completely replaced – creating a headache for you and your wallet.

Helps the Boiler to Run as Efficiently as Possible

While your oil boiler may still be working, there is a chance that it might not be reaching its full potential if you haven’t had it serviced in some time. Again this will be costing you more money and not be heating your house as well as it could. Our servicing will get it back to its best.

Ensure there is no Carbon Monoxide or Soot Spillage

This is where your health comes into play, as a faulty oil boiler could release harmful carbon monoxide chemicals, along with soot that can clog up your lungs if inhaled, whilst also creating soot stains that you will have to clean.

We could go on, but as you can see there is more than enough reason for oil boiler servicing Aylesbury, as when combined with the right double glazing Bedford, it will create a warm winter haven that continues reliably without fault. The process is quick and affordable, so contact us today.

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