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Hot and Cold Water Systems

Hot and Cold Water Systems

Hot and cold water systems have changed very little of the last 100 years with traditional systems storing cold water in storage tanks feeding a hot water cylinder that would be heated by electric immersion or via a boiler heated by solid fuel, oil or gas.

TWS Hot and Cold Water SystemWith the introduction of power showers in the early eighties out traditional hot water systems started to change to accommodate our demands and needs. The bathroom has now become one of the most important rooms in the house. Spending time to make sure you have the right system to support your hot water needs is extremely important, get it wrong and you can be left disappointed with a system that under performs, and doesn't meet your demands and expectations.

With our many years of experience in the industry we can offer the right solution for your needs supported by knowledgeable staff to discuss all your hot and cold water requirements. We offer simple advice on traditional systems with shower pumps; combination boilers and modern mains pressure systems.

Unvented cylinders are now the preferred choice for many developers, heating engineers, architects and end users, with many benefits over traditional systems see more below.

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Choose the right water system for your property

An unvented cylinder is a storage water heater sealed to the atmosphere that is connected directly to the mains water supply, delivering mains pressured hot and potable cold water to all outlets. Unvented cylinders are quiet in operation, have quicker heat up and recovery times. Made to a high specification the cylinders also allow for greater choice in bathroom and shower fittings.

Choosing the right model and system is important and all unvented cylinders rely on the mains supply for both pressure and flow and we recommend that adequate flow and pressure readings must be taken to establish the suitability of such systems. Surab Ltd would carry out these tests at the time of quotation.

  • Choice of quality unvented cylinders to suit your needs
  • Direct and indirect cylinders available
  • Range of Solar cylinders for use with Renewable energies
  • Finance options available

Introducing MainsBoost and TwinBoost Accumulator Technology

Standard unvented cylinders are totally reliant on the main supply, for both pressure and flow rate. A poor main supply will cause pressure and flow fluctuations, poor performance and ultimately customer dissatisfaction.

MainsBoost systems utilise an accumulator vessel to increase flow rates on poor main supplies. TwinBoost systems are the combination of a Duplex stainless steel unvented cylinder and an accumulator to provide customers with the ultimate unvented experience and performance.

Accumulator technology how does it work

The accumulator is a vessel with a controlled action diaphragm that can hold mains pressured water. The accumulator is installed on the incoming main supply and the diaphragm starts to fill with water. The diaphragm is surrounded by a positive air charge that forces the water in to the supply chain feeding outlets, increasing volume and stabilizing pressures. Simple and extremely effective in overcoming flow rate issues and without requiring a power supply or drainage requirements and no expensive running costs. They are often used to maximise performance where demands and expectations are more than the main supply can deliver, so perfect for multi-bathroom properties.

Key Features:

  • Will provide a substantial increase in water volume, to both hot and cold-water outlets, even at very low flow rates (9LPM) 1.5 Bar.
  • Balanced hot and cold water supplies, giving wider choice of Taps and mixers.
  • Designed to work on 15mm shared main supplies and Overcomes problems associated with low-fluctuating mains pressure or inadequate flow rates.
  • TWS Systems designed for small properties to light commercial, Accumulators and cylinders can be linked together for greater demands, for the larger properties, small Hotels and Leisure and Sports Clubs.
  • Indirect Models from 90 -600-litres (heated from a Boiler source) Direct Models from 90-500 litres (heated from Electric Immersion) Twin Coil and triple coil cylinders for use with Solar Energy or other heating source.
  • Horizontal cylinder Models
  • TWS MainsBoost models from 100 – 500
  • TWS TwinBoost systems can be Taylor made to suit requirements.
  • MainsBoost and TwinBoost systems are patent protected by Patent Number GB 2349908.

Accumulators can be used to increase flow rates to mains fed appliances such as combination boilers and existing unvented cylinders with guidance from Surab Ltd.

Introducing MainsBoost Plus

We have mentioned that knowing the mains pressure and flow rate is key to making sure mains fed systems both operate and perform to expectations and with poor flow rates MainsBoost and TwinBoost patented systems can be the answer, but what if the pressure is poor or fluctuates. Traditional cold water storage tanks and pump sets are commonly used, and will overcome the problem, but they are generally noisy, expensive and ongoing maintenance costs can be high. TWS have developed the only WRAS approved direct on mains pump, used in conjunction with an accumulator or accumulators to increase both pressure and flow rates on poor supplies. The small trickle pump provides up to 3.5 bar pressure at 12 litres a minute complying with water board regulations. The pump along with a by-pass feeds the accumulator to increase the pressure to 3.5 bar, simply and extremely effective quiet in operation and with lower energy consumption than large pump sets. The pump is available with an accumulator known as MainsBoost Plus or supplied as a separate cased unit to be installed with multiple vessels.

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Year round hot water: Reduced carbon Footprint: Lower energy bills: Accredited Worcester installers, Solar thermal can provide up 60% of your water requirements.

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